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Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen

Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen



Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen non-invasively and accurately measures the user’s bio-signals (heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and SpO2). It is the world’s first hearable device to detect multiple COVID-19 symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, low SpO2 and fatigue). These signals can also detect the user’s stress/mental fatigue levels as well as heat stress levels and can be easily integrated into work tools of many different industries, for example outdoor occupations like construction workers/delivery drivers, or indoor occupations like factory and office workers. Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen also aids the monitoring in people who have respiratory conditions or difficulties.

The bio-signals measured by Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen can be displayed on a mobile application for the user’s reference, as well as collected in a backend database for further analysis as a workplace safety management solution.

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