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About Us

Actywell Digital Limited, founded in 2015, is a healthcare technology company based in Hong Kong. We specialize in bio-signal acquisition through innovative in-ear sensing devices. Our company focuses on product sales and future analytics sales ranging from consumer grade to medical grade, with the dedication of delivering accurate and readily accessible health data to encourage active health monitoring.

Under our brand, Hera Leto, we offer a diverse range of products designed for various applications, including rehabilitation, sleep monitoring, occupational health, and mental wellness. We are committed to shaping the future of health with Hera Leto, continuing to evolve and provide more comprehensive solutions that cater different healthcare needs.

Our Development




Hera Leto ONE won the German Design Award


Hera Leto Two developed and launched with the BUD fund


Hera Leto Active won the City I&T Innovation Award and launched.
HLA is engaging in various deployments in hospitals and gerontology center

Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen was being launched

Hera Leto Metabuds, is the

World’s First Metaverse Earbuds,

won the CAHK STAR Award Best Metaverse Solution Award

Hera Leto – a brand owned and operated by Actywell Digital Limited was founded in 2015.


Hera Leto launched and trademark



Hera Leto Temperature launched as an early COVID-19 symptoms detection earbud and won the CAHK STAR Awards



Hera Leto Temperature & Oxygen won the CAHK STAR Award Best HealthTech Awards in 2023.

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