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Hera Leto Temperature

Hera Leto Temperature


T for Temperature.


This is a B2E product.  Not for purchase via website. Contact for more information.  

A sensor-rich earbud allows the wearers  to make calls privately while being able to detect the wearer’s physiological information especially the COVID-19 symptoms.

What Hera Leto T Offers?

COVID-19 Risk Management - Proactively Monitors Covid-19 Risks

Productivity Lost Prevention - Avoid Businesses Shut-down

Mental Health Management - Detox Covid-19 Stress Syndrome

Consumer Confidence - Know your Shared Ride Drivers/ Food Deliverers are Covid-19 Symptoms Free

Crystal Clear Communication - Two Omnidirectional MEMS microphone & 10mm dynamic speaker for clear audio are installed / Work with Your PC or Smart Phone to Make Calls / Attend Online Seminars

Alert Notification - Discreetly through Apps

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