Hera Leto Two

The World's First AI assisted Earphones for Working Parents (Especially Mothers)

  • Power Walk Mode - for Fitness 

  • Mindfulness Mode - for Mental Wellness

20 Mins Mental Wellness

With your eyes closed and you focused on each breath that you take, the A.I. automatically learns your music preference and helps you get into the Mindfulness zone.

20 Mins Power Walk Program

A.I. coaches you on your walking speed intensity and to burn up to 100 calories safely, which is about the calories of a Starbucks Short Latte.

Power Walk Mode

Mindfulness Mode

What Hera Leto Two offers

Coaches you on your walking speed intensity to burn calories

A.I. Power Walk Coach

Helps you get into the Mindfulness Zone

A.I. Mindfulness

Combining AI in the Apps and the bio-signals sensors in the Hera Leto Two to provide a coaching experience with customized-for-you feedback

 A.I. with Bio-signals Sensors

16 bit Audio with Echo Cancellation and Noise Isolation

 Premium Audio

With the built-in microphone closer to the mouth for clearer calls.

Neckband Design


Actywell Digital Limited

Hera Leto is a brand owned and operated by Actywell , founded in 2015.

Hera Leto ONE being the first iOS-based stress detox product won the German Design Award in 2017 and available for sales in Amazon.

In 2019, Hera Leto TWO successfully granted fund from Hong Kong Productivity Council and will launch in 2020 the World's First AI assisted Earphones for Working Parents (Especially Mothers) for Fitness via Power Walk & Mindfulness / Mental Wellness Management.

In 2020, by combining  the OpticalFusion from Well Being Digital (WBD101),  iTeMosInc’s temperature monitoring technology, with Actywell 's own respiratory rate monitoring and COVID-19 stress coping and fatigue monitoring technology, Actywell will launch Hera Leto T, which is a wireless hands-free earbud product that can accurately detect the symptoms of COVID-19.

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