Hera Leto ONE

Hera Leto ONE, a healthcare "bio-feedback" device, is the World's First AI-assisted Earphones for 15-minute power walk and 10-minute relaxation (stress-relieving) playlist, scientifically based on dynamic heart rate and RR Interval.


Hera Leto ONE is elegantly designed and functional. It was awarded a special mention of “Excellent Product Design, Medical” winning it the German Design Award Special 2017. Hera Leto ONE is powered by the highly accurate WBD101's International award winning ActivHearts™ technology. 

The patented technology of Hera Leto ONE introduces a new way to experience music; helping you to assess and reduce stress, to finding the right motivational tracks to fuel your workout.


Thanks to its machine learning software and a capable team of engineers that continuously test the patented algorithms to find harmony between the listener and his/her music library. In particular, the team focuses on music's calming effect and the way ONE can be used to help listeners to relax in stressful situations. 

Desert in Dark

About Us

Actywell Digital Limited

Hera Leto is a brand owned and operated by Actywell , founded in 2015.

Hera Leto ONE being the first iOS-based stress detox product won the German Design Award in 2017 and was available for sale in Amazon.

In 2019, Hera Leto TWO successfully granted fund from Hong Kong Productivity Council and will launch in 2020 the World's First AI assisted Earphones for Working Parents (Especially Mothers) for Fitness via Power Walk & Mindfulness / Mental Wellness Management. 

In 2020, by combining  the OpticalFusion from Well Being Digital (WBD101),  iTeMosInc’s temperature monitoring technology, with Actywell 's own respiratory rate monitoring and COVID-19 stress coping and fatigue monitoring technology, Actywell will launch Hera Leto T, which is a wireless hands-free earbud product that can accurately detect the symptoms of COVID-19.


Hera Leto One

Jet Black


Hera Leto One

White & Gold

The Features

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AI - Assisted Power Walk Program

HLO Features (white)-04.png

Lightning Connection (No Charging Required)

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Made for Apple Devices

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Stress Relaxation Playlist 

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Fitness Test VO2 max

HLO Features (white)-08.png

Ergonomic Ear Tips

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Heart Rate / Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Detection

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24bit Audio with Noise Isolation

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German Design Award 2017 Winner