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About Us

Actywell Digital Limited, founded in 2015, is a Hong Kong company that develops and sells products with embedded human bio-signal sensing ranging from consumers to health-tech under the Hera Leto brand. In addition, it also develops value-added algorithms which have been implemented into a series of its products.

Actywell’s value proposition includes product sales and future analytics sales via its Hera Leto App currently available both in iOS AppStore and Google Play Store.

Hera Leto Active

“Hera Leto Active” is a home-based lifestyle system that encourages active ageing and healthy lifestyles, allowing the user to monitor and keep a record of their bio-signals while exercising with the earbud on at home. It consists of a display unit, a Blood Pressure device and a single-sided earbud that measures Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Body Temperature, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), HRV (Mental Health) and HRR (Cardiac Health).

Product Features:

  • Encourage active ageing and healthy lifestyles

  • Facilitate rehabilitation

  • The earbud can measure Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Body Temperature, SpO2, Heart Rate Variability and Heart Rate Recovery

  • The earbud allows users to listen to instructions and communicate with others


Hera Leto Temperature(&Oxygen)

Hera Leto Temperature (& Oxygen) non-invasively and accurately measures the user’s bio-signals (heart rate, temperature, and respiratory rate). Hera Leto Temperature and Oxygen also measures SpO2. They are the world’s first hearable device to detect multiple COVID-19 symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, low SpO2 and fatigue). These signals can also detect the user’s stress/mental fatigue levels as well as heat stress levels and can be easily integrated into work tools of many different industries, for example outdoor occupations like construction workers/delivery drivers, or indoor occupations like factory and office workers. 


The bio-signals measured by Hera Leto Temperature (& Oxygen) can be displayed on a mobile application for the user’s reference, as well as collected in a backend database for further analysis as a workplace safety management solution.


Hera Leto TWO

Hera Leto TWO is the world's First Heart Rate Monitoring Earbuds for Rehab Patients and AI-assisted Earphones for Working Parents. It is elegantly designed based on the German Design Award 2017 winning Hera Leto ONE and powered by the highly accurate WBD101's International award winning ActivHearts™ technology.

Hera Leto TWO is more affordable than smart watches and more comfortable than ECG chest belts, allowing the user to enjoy their favourite workout music without compromising on the accuracy of heart rate measurements. The 20-minutes Power Walk Program uses Artificial Intelligence to keep the user in the ideal Fat Burn Zone and is suitable for rehab patients to workout safely or working parents that have no time to exercise.

Meanwhile, Hera Leto TWO’s 20-minutes Mindfulness Program also uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the user’s music preferences, to manage stress levels and increase mindfulness.

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